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The show must go on

So I want to know who called the dislodging of the plug that’s been keeping the cervix closed “the show”. It’s hardly like a Broadway production. The curtains opened with much anticipation this morning but tonight it’s like the actual feature hasn’t even started yet. Quite frankly this name made me think it would be a bit more dramatic or at least a bit more entertaining. This show is more like open mic night at the local RSL. Old Ted gets up and whistles Waltzing Matilda with a gum leaf then everyone leaves to play the pokies: You wish there was more but you’re kind of relieved there isn’t.

Perhaps Act II will come tomorrow. After all, it is the 30th and a full moon.


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Check out my muffins

carrot and macadamia muffins

What better way to pass time than bake muffins on a Saturday night? And funnily enough I was barefoot while in the kitchen.

I saw these “healthy” carrot and macadamia nut muffins on Sunrise the other morning but I do believe I have improved upon their claimed healthiness by using wholemeal flours, halving the topping and decreasing the amount of sugar. And even with my overwhelmingly sweet pregnant tooth they’re still sweet enough.

Now let’s see how long they last.

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Off the air

We sent the families into chaos today by going to a morning movie session then forgetting to turn the mobiles back on. When we finally realised after dinner there was a flurry of banked up texts and voice messages. The grandmothers seem convinced we’re going to forget to call them when there’s news. I know we’ll be preoccupied when things do start but I don’t think we’ll forget to release the birds or set the flares off or whatever it is we’re meant to do. Oh and blog it here, post updates on Facebook, upload progress pics on flickr, put some video on YouTube…

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D-day comes … and goes

As I suspected it seems the little boy wasn’t listening when it was calculated that today would be his birth-day. Technically there’s still three hours left but that would make it among one of the fastest first births I’ve ever heard of. Apparently the first ones usually take at least 12 hours (ahhhh!) so I guess he could still come while it’s the 23rd of July in the northern hemisphere if he got a move on.

The midwife at the birth centre said they’d let me go 14 days over before they got serious about making him come out. But she said there’s lots of things I could try before it got to that stage. I could send in a brochure of the Target toy sale perhaps? Or go for some 5-chili rated Indonesian at Shalom?

Anyway I won’t take any drastic action before the end of the week cause I’m still in the running for the baby sweep at work and with maternity leave well established now the winnings could come in handy.

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39 weeks

nath and me @ 39 weeks The big day is getting close now which is a good thing cause I don’t think my knees can handle me getting any bigger! The rest of my body is coping surprisingly well though.

At my appointment this week the midwife said the little one is  4/5 engaged but there’s no real signs of an imminent birth yet as far as I can tell.

I’m not sure what to do with myself now as I managed to cross off the last thing left on my “If I have time list” today: a massage. I guess it really is time to start scrubbing the floors and cleaning out the cupboards…

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“Any day now”

Finally with some time to myself after finishing work and coming back home from mum’s I’ve spent the last couple of days wandering round op shops and lingering in bakeries. Every time I buy something the shop assistants say something along the lines of “Oh you must be due any day now”. When I confirm the due date is Monday they start to look worried. You can see them processing: “Wednesday, Thursday, oh my god 5 days … I hope she doesn’t go now, here.”

I can understand. In fact I feel the same way. I’ve a massage booked for tomorrow, dinner Thursday night and I’d like to catch a movie while I still can. So I don’t mind. But when women who’ve had children say things like “Gee you’re brave coming out now” it freaks me out a little. Surely if I were so brave I’d be doing something a bit more spectacular like giving birth while skydiving or swimming with sharks…

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38 weeks

38 weeks

Well the countdown has now begun! We’re due in two weeks but if he were to turn up today he’d be considered full term. Basically he’s just hanging out getting fatter at the moment helped along by my continuing weakness for chocolate and ice cream. I wonder whether my savoury taste buds will return post birth or if I’m going to be a sweet tooth from now on?

My belly is growing so fast now that it actually rests on my lap when I sit down! When I misplace the nail file or something the first thing I do is lift my belly off my legs and check if it found it’s way in there with all the crumbs and old receipts.

I have my next appointment with the midwife today so I should find out if he’s more engaged than the 2/5 he was last week. I reckon he is considering how strong the downward pressure is getting but I still don’t feel like he’s about to turn up this week…

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