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Baby jenga

Lenny is a real sucker. He’s always trying to get his thumbs, fingers or fists into his mouth so we thought we’d see if a dummy could help settle him when he’s agitated. The early childhood nurse told us to make sure we remove the dummy once he’s asleep to avoid the situation down the track where he can’t sleep without it. And considering a friend was telling us the other day about someone they know who’s pleased about only getting up six times in a night to put the dummy back in their baby’s mouth, we think it’s good advice.

Anyway, it sounds pretty simple but in reality it’s a very delicate operation. You see he’s a foxy little fella and determining whether he’s really asleep or not takes skill. Then removing the dummy without waking him is all about precision and timing. It’s like removing a block from the jenga pile: one wrong move and and the whole thing comes tumbling down and you have to start at the beginning again. First you have to calm the screams so you can get the dummy back in. Then you wait for the right moment to try and extract it once more. And round it goes …


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Off to nana’s

In my car seat for the first time We reached a milestone today … Lenny had his first big trip in the car and we safely made it to nana’s and back home again!

It’s funny, even though I’ve been driving around with Lenny in my belly for the last 10 months I’ve been quite nervous about the prospect of driving with him now he’s here in his own body.

I’d been thinking about it for days and finally got the confidence up to drive the half hour to mum’s today. Turns out he really liked the car, it put him straight to sleep in no time! And even more surprising I managed to drive pretty close to the speed limit, not 20ks under, and I didn’t really feel very anxious at all.

Mum was over the moon that we finally made it to her place. With all she’s been through of late it’s quite an ordeal for her to make the trip all the way into the city to see us so now we can share the load with her so she doesn’t have to do all the travelling.

At nana'sLenny is three weeks old today and we’ve noticed that he has started to respond to us a little more in the last few days. He really locks eyes with you now and follows your movements. He is making lots of little sounds and we think he’s trying to communicate. The books say it’s too early but you don’t have to believe everything you read …

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Two weeks old today!

At two weeks little Lenny is progressing beautifully. We had our first visit to the early childhood health centre and he has regained his birth weight and grown 2cm! This means all is going well with the breastfeeding which is a big relief after a slow start.

After a feed This is how relaxed a bit of boob makes the little fella.

And I’m starting to learn to let it relax me too because as Teresa, the early childhood nurse, says “Relaxed mum, relaxed baby. Anxious mum, anxious baby.”

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Introducing Leonard Desmond

Lenny ready to come home for the first time

Our beautiful little boy entered the world at 6.56am on Wednesday 1st August, 2007. He weighed 3504 grams, was 51cm long and in perfect health. After waiting so long we were overjoyed to finally meet our much-wanted son.

We decided to call him Leonard Desmond. Leonard seemed to suit him and he’s a Leo as well. Then we just found out his paternal great grandfather was named Leo. Desmond is after his maternal granddad, my dad, who sadly passed away around the time Lenny was conceived in November last year. How much I wish he was here right now.

We came home from hospital after 48 hours because I couldn’t bear the thought of another night with Nath having to go home and us stay behind. No matter how much people had told me about what these first weeks would be like I could never have understood until we experienced it. I felt like a wild animal you see on a nature doco when her cubs are under threat when I walked outside the hospital with Lenny in my arms. If anyone had got in my way I would have torn them apart.

Arriving home was wonderful and very scary. While it’s all natural, it’s far from straight forward. I wonder what he’s thinking and feeling, is he hungry, is he tired? Am I doing the right thing. I can see now that this is the beginning of a lifetime of overwhelming love and concern. I want everything to be perfect for him. I know it’s early days but right now it’s like the world starts and ends at our front door.

Just looking at him can bring a tear to my eye. He’s so beautiful and so helpless and he came from us. I love the way he sighs after a sneezing fit and raises his eyebrows when he’s going to sleep. When wind or something makes it looks like he’s smiling I can just imagine how the first time he smiles with intent is going to make me melt.

Welcome to the world Lenny and welcome home. We love you and can’t wait to watch you grow.

Lenny at home

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