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I was blowing raspberries on Lenny’s tummy the other day and he started copying me. Now he’s become obsessed. Happy raspberries, sad raspberries…it’s raspberries all day long.


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Kenny Rogers cracks me up

Another milestone today – Lenny’s first proper laugh! We’ve had lots of giggles but this was unmistakable: long, loud and infectious. And I have his nana as a delighted witness to back me up.

What was it that sparked such amusement? Me singing Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler.  Who would have thought?

So far I haven’t been able to elicit a repeat performance so I’m thinking I might go back to mum’s tomorrow and see what other old gems we can find in her cassette collection …

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Immunisations round II

I’m pleased to announce we survived (almost) unscathed from the second round of nasty needles. I took the advice of several more experienced mothers and administered a generous dose of baby panadol half an hour before the dreaded shots were due and it did the trick.

Of course there were tears but there was no fever to speak of and I quite liked it that Lenny wanted more cuddles and a few extra sleeps today.

I also learned another lesson and booked the appointment for a day when Nath was off work so he could hold baby while the doc did her thing. I didn’t want to be the only one associated with such pain!

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Nath was in Melbourne last night for the ADMA awards so it was just Lenny and I for the first time. I must admit at 8am yesterday I was thinking “this is going to be a very long day” but we managed perfectly. Lenny was an angel having several daytime naps and going to bed quite early. I even managed to give him a bath in the big bath this morning – normally bathing is a two person job. So now I know I can cope on my own (but I certainly don’t want to).

We’re counting down the minutes till Nath gets back, should be in about an hour. Although considering their entry for the Bring Hicks Home cell installation won its category – and when I rang him during Lenny’s 2am feed they were deciding where to go next to celebrate next – he may need a sleep himself when he gets here!

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These hands rock!

My new favourite toyLenny’s made a big discovery this last week: not only can he put his hands in his mouth, he can use those same hands to put other things in his mouth!

Yes Lenny’s very excited about learning how to open and close his fingers so he can grab on to and hold things. So excited that he regularly hits himself in the head with whatever he’s managed to grab onto.

Luckily this little elephant arrived in the post from Julia just at the right time. Unlike the other rattles and toys it’s soft so it’s less likely to take an eye out. And his trunk is just the right shape for little mouths. Thanks Julia!

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I always seem to be drawn to people who’re at a similar place in life, so at the moment I find myself surrounded by new mums. And if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s a reliance on our partners to share the “load” of parenting.

Dads these days are required to be–and do–so much more than they were a generation or two ago. While stay-at-home dads are becoming more common it’s still mainly women who stay home in the early months for practical reasons. But as soon as the partners return from a day in the office they’re expected to take over with baby. Most dads I know look after the bathing and bedtime routine each evening, change just as many nappies as the mother and even do their share of night time feeding if their baby’s on formula or takes expressed milk from a bottle.

And what older women seem to find most amazing about this is that the fathers want to do it. Rather than spending evenings at the pub, they want to spend time with their children. And it’s not just playtime they’re interested in, they want to be carers and nuturers for their children.

I’ve heard a lot of new mums saying that in the past our mothers had other female relatives to help them whereas today we’re more isolated. But I’ve spoken to a lot of older women who say this wasn’t the case for them. They too were far from family or who had mothers who told them to simply deal with their lot alone.

I know I’d be completely overwhelmed without Nath’s help and that’s with just one baby. Quite frankly, I don’t know how our mothers and their mothers did it but I certainly respect them more for it now.

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