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Food glorious food

Give me more!Time is flying. Lenny is five months old already. It’s such an amazing time, he’s changing every day.

He’s become incredibly interested in what’s going on around him. He hates lying still on his back and gets frustrated that he can’t move around. He turns his head to every sound and watches us intensely as we walk around. He’s also become fascinated by food, watching every mouthful we eat.

While I can’t get him moving any faster I have been able to satisfy this curiosity. The guidelines say you shouldn’t introduce solids until six months but I thought I’d give it a try anyway – I threw the guidelines out a while back anyway.

I offered him some mashed banana first up and he loved it straight off. He kept grabbing my hand and shoving the spoon in his mouth – or sometimes in his cheek he was in such a hurry! He even started screaming when I took the spoon away from his mouth to refill it. Looks like he’s going to be a good eater – like me!

While it’s all terribly exciting, with every development comes added complication. Like when he started to roll a few weeks back. I could no longer leave him on the change table or the bed while I washed my hands.

Now Lenny’s wanting real food I no longer have a complete meal on hand wherever I am without the need for any planning. Breastfeeding was tough to begin with but now it’s easy and really convenient. Not to mention the “boost” it’s given me! So I’m not ready to completely replace breastmilk with solids just yet. Solids are just home treat – for the next few weeks anyway.


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Not even 5 months old and we’ve already put Lenny to work. No, it wasn’t in a children’s wear brochure or a TV commercial. It was a much more noble cause…

Lenny and I were guinea pigs for a Choice test of baby slings and carriers. From 9am till 2.30 Lenny was lifted in and out of everything from Baby Bjorns to Byron Bay-type hippy slings. He was twisted and prodded and pulled this way and that as we were assessed by a physio and chiro at each step. And of course he was brilliant. Mind you, he did stop work for a couple of naps – it should be that way for all of us I reckon!

Anyway, I know you’ll all be dying to know which are the safest and most comfortable slings but confidentiality means my lips are sealed for now – sorry. You’ll have to await the test results next year.

(Lenny, I promise to return the cash to your piggy bank after Christmas – thanks for the loan!)

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