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Secondhand weetbix

There’s only one way to put this. Today I tasted someone else’s vomit for the first time.


Just as I lifted Lenny above my head and opened my mouth wide to sing to him, he brought breakfast back to greet me.

As much as I love my baby and as pure as I consider his stomach juices to be, this is my least favourite milestone of parenthood so far.

There’s not much else I can say about it except that it tasted just like my own vomit.

I’m wondering, does everyone’s vomit taste the same?

I’m not willing to experiment further so I’m just going to assume all vomit is equal and go to bed.


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Recycled pants

Lenny had his first swimming lesson today and it turned out to be my first lesson in nursery rhymes. I managed quite well with the oldies like Ring a Rosie and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but found myself miming to some of the newer ones.

Lenny didn’t seem to notice, he was too busy being stunned by cups of water being tipped over his head and sudden dunkings under the water. Despite the initial shock, he took it all very well and splashed about like crazy.

A by-product of swimming is longer-than-usual daytime naps. When we got home, he slept for nearly two hours! I decided to use the spare time to try out this recycled pants project with an old t-shirt I got from a market in St Kilda when we were living there.

It’s totally stretched out of shape but I’ve haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of it so I’m especially pleased to be able to make it into something for Lenny. They’re just house pants of course but I’m quite happy with the result for about half an hour’s work.

Before After

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News from the crib

Lenny is six months old today and I find myself thinking this is one tenth of the way to starting school … he’ll be grown up before I know it! Well hopefully it won’t be too fast because this journey is too much fun.

Days are now filled with spontaneous laughter. In fact, we’ve started one of those laughter clubs. When we laugh Lenny joins in and the louder we laugh the louder he laughs and the louder he laughs the more we laugh and the more we laugh the more he laughs and before we know it 10 or more minutes have passed and just like Dr Madan Kataria said it would, the stress has all disappeared. This could actually be taking years off my life which could be useful for when Lenny hits the teens!

Food has been a big hit. I now seem to spend my time preparing it, serving it and cleaning it up – I don’t know why I was so excited about it! Oh well, at least I’ve found a use for the dustbuster. So far he’s not a fussy eater, just a very demanding one. If we’re eating he thinks he should be too so I’ve started giving him stuff off my plate. He’s had things flavoured with garlic and onion (it’s quite funny when a little baby does a big garlic burp) and if this continues he should be eating chili in no time. I’m sure babies eat traditionally spicy foods in other cultures, don’t they?

I’m also now having to put things out of reach. Lenny’s become very “grabby”. Whenever I pick him up he brings something with him. I washed his hands at the sink the other day and I didn’t notice he’d picked up the disgusting mouldy bath plug and was sucking on it. Nice.

In all this hot weather he’s spent a lot of time just wearing nappies and nothing else. The downside of this is that he’s learned to undo his nappy. Luckily those little flaps make that velcro sound when they’re undone so I know when I need to do it up again – which at the moment seems like every five minutes!

What were all those plans I made again for my time off from work?

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