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Mum’s the word

Lenny has finally started to say “mum, mum, mum”!

Okay, so he only says it when he’s tired or grumpy and sometimes it’s just a “mmmmm” between tears but after weeks of “dad, dad, dad” I’ll take it anyway I can.

His chatter has become very expressive this week. Lots more changes in pitch and tone. It’s like he’s having a conversation with you using the same sound in a dozen different ways.

The other big news is he moved backwards while down on his tummy! It was a pretty minor move physically but it’s a major step on his way to getting mobile.

It won’t be too long before we need to start thinking about what we leave where – no more hot tea on the coffee table or pens or scissors lying around.

I always thought a lot of the childproofing that goes on was excessive. Perhaps this is another area where I will be eating my words?


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Lenny’s first artworks

Lenny’s artworkOur mother’s group went to Colour Me Mine on March 4 and I’ve only just managed to pick up these beautiful pieces Lenny finger-painted.

Lenny was the only baby in our group let loose with the paints (all non-toxic of course). Everyone else produced beautifully painted pieces with their baby’s foot or hand prints on them but I thought it would be more authentic to let Lenny have a go himself rather than painting a mug with “Dear daddy, love Lenny”. There was also incentive in not having to put my own dismal artistic abilities on display!

As you can see he did a fantastic job. Don’t worry, I’m not pretending for a second that he actually knew what he was doing. But the fact the he put his hands in the paints and touched all over the pieces was brilliant in my book.

Of course he also put his hands all over himself-and me-so we certainly were a sight when we met Nath for lunch in town on our way home!

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Fun and games

Our little boyLenny has just started to display some distinctly toddler-like behaviour. He’s definitely not a little baby anymore, he’s more and more like a little boy everyday.

He’s started playing little games. Like dropping things on the ground, waiting for me to pick them up and give them back so he can drop them again.

And after a bath he pulls the towel up over his face to hide then reveals himself in anticipation of a “peek-a-boo”. As cute as it is, he can play these games for a very, very long time!

And perhaps most adorable of all, he has started acting shy. When we meet new people he buries his head into my chest then looks out and smiles then buries it again. This is way too cute and a real change from the Lenny we knew before this week.

I can’t wait to see what comes next …

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Seven month update

A lot has happened since my last entry but it’s been hard to find the time to write. Lenny’s decided that 10pm is early for bed and frequently tries for 11pm – I think he might have heard about the Scientology kids.

Out of nowhere he suddenly became a total mummy’s boy. He won’t go to sleep for anyone else and he pretty much just wants my attention all the time. Whatever I’ve got, he wants. Whatever I’m eating, he wants. Today I thought ahead and brought two spoons – one little, one big – for my blueberries and yoghurt. Even though he had just had his mid-morning fruit he polished off about half of mine.

He is an absolute machine when it comes to food. I had strong ideas about what I would and wouldn’t let my child eat before Lenny was born. Let’s just say it didn’t include nana’s birthday cake at seven months old. Being a good parent is so much easier when you don’t actually have children. 

Anyway about Lenny’s progress. He is much more of a little boy than a baby now. He can sit up by himself for about five or 10 minutes and when he’s tired he falls down in slow motion. He says “da da da” in varying tones and volumes. He’s spending a bit more time on his tummy but never too long. He’s just realised that he can continue to roll in one direction to get places and he ended up under the table today.

Night time sleeping seems to have taken a backwards step (for me anyway). He’s been waking every few hours again and will only be settled by me. I still dream of sleeping through the night – daydream that is. I’m not asleep long enough for those kind of dreams 🙂

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