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I’ve noticed every time I cough of late there is a little echo. A little fake cough follows mine. And if I laugh there’s a little laugh straight afterward.

We have a little mimic on our hands and it’s not just sounds. It’s actions too. You can shake your head, clap your hands, snort or sing and Lenny will do it too.

It’s actually hours of fun being able to direct him like this. Whenever he started any amusing habits in the past you just had to sit around waiting and hoping he’d do it again, which made showing his dad when he got home from work rather difficult. Now whenever there’s a new trick to show off I just have to do it first and then I can be confident he’ll demonstrate for the audience I’ve assembled.

I wonder how long this obedience will last?


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Back to work

Today Lenny and I were separated for the first time (beside the hour and half when I got my hair cut) as I returned to world of the work. It’s a couple of months early but I thought returning one day a week would be a good way to ease us both into this next stage.

I didn’t sleep a wink last night thinking about how he’d be without me (read breastmilk), whether he’d sleep at all for mum, how I’d be able to focus on anything in the office and how the hell we’d manage to get out the door on time.

But despite all the worry, the whole thing went off without a hitch. We arrived in the work carpark right on time where mum was waiting for the handover. Lenny didn’t even seem that confused as he was moved from one car seat to the other and once he had the silver steering wheel sun shade on his little hands he didn’t even glance back at me. Sigh.

I was a bit shaky for the first 10 minutes with the separation anxiety but once I got into the swing of things I actually went about 20 minutes or so without thinking about what was happening at mum’s. That’s longer than I expected.

I only did a half day and when I got back to mum’s just after 2pm Lenny looked at me, smiled, then continued playing with the ball he was holding.

After a couple of minutes though he looked up at me with outstretched arms and starting his special mummy whining – apparently the first whining he’d done all day. As I suspected he saves all of that for me cause he knows I’m a soft touch. Maybe the time apart will be good for all of us.

But don’t get me wrong Lenny, if I was rich I’d prefer to stay with you 🙂

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Like my new hairstyle?

New hairstyle

I heard the mohawk was out so I asked dad for a new cut. Pretty good hey?

Here’s a little bit of the action.

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Once bitten

Well I think I jinxed us with last post because it was followed by two of the worst night’s sleeps we’ve had.

The first night Lenny was up every couple of hours all night long. So the next night we decided Nath would do whatever it took to get Lenny back to sleep without a breastfeed if he woke any time before 4am.

He first woke at 1.45 and it took 45 minutes of fairly intense crying before he fell back to sleep. But he woke up 20 minutes later and then every 10 minutes until I finally caved and gave him a feed at 3.45.

Then yesterday he grabbed my finger and put it in his mouth, which is not unusual, but this time I felt something sharp. Lenny’s getting his first teeth!

At first I felt excited about the next big step in his little life, then I felt a pang of sadness about my little gummy baby growing up. But then there was a sense of relief – finally I can blame the crap sleeping on teething!

For the last two months we’ve been up at least twice a night and I was always checking for teeth to blame it on. They were never there.

But despite the rough night’s I’ve always gone to bed each night believing that this night would be the one when he sleeps better – it’s the only way I’m able to relax enough to go to sleep myself.

Anyway, having had the two bad nights and discovering the teeth breaking through I went to bed last night expecting the worst. I had the bonjela on hand and was prepared to be up and down all night.

But little Lenny is always full of surprises and after crashing just after 8pm he slept all the way through till twenty to five. That’s the longest sleep he’s had in three months. Unfortunately, having psyched myself up for a long night I didn’t get much sleep anyway.

Tonight he’s been in bed since 7.30 and I’m believing he’s down till at least 5am. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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Ahh, the irony

Lenny loves sleepWell you’ve gone to bed early tonight my little angel – let’s see if you really do love sleep yet…

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New tricks

Lenny has just started pulling himself up to standing. It started when he got up on to his knees on Sunday in pursuit of his Auntie Naomi’s beer that she was moving further and further away. As Uncle Dick put it, sometimes it takes beer to motivate a man to action!

The following day he pulled himself up on to his feet using a chair and today he’s been at it every chance he gets. If I hold my arms out he immediately stops whatever he’s doing, grabs my hands and pulls himself up. Then as he wobbles about he looks up at me with the cutest little smile making sure I can see just how clever he is.

There’s hasn’t been any more progress on the crawling front since his backward shuffle a week or two ago. Maybe he’s going to take after his Auntie Cheryl and skip that stage all together.

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