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Extended family

Cute cousinsLenny has had a fantastic time the last few weeks hanging out with his cousins, second cousins, aunts and uncles even if the encounter has left him with the dreaded lurgie and meant even less sleep than normal for all of us.

But while he loves hanging out with the little people, I think his favourite time is when he has an audience of adults all of his own who focus all their attention on him!


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Mother’s day

What a difference a year makes.

Last mother’s day I was six months pregnant. I’d planned lunch, a movie and a walk in the Botanical Gardens with my mum to celebrate. Instead we spent the night in emergency after mum suffered a heart attack. It was almost six months to the day since dad had had a heart attack and died in the very same emergency room. It was devastating.

But here we are, one year on, and things couldn’t be better. Not only do I have a beautiful son who adores me and a wonderful husband who goes out of his way to make my life easier. But I still have a kind and loving mother who – thank goodness – is fit and healthy again.

And it may have taken a year, but we finally made that lunch and movie.

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