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Christmas stocking

Home-made Christmas stocking Lenny’s stocking is ready just in time! This is made totally from old fabric, binding and buttons found lying dormant in mum’s cupboards. I know the felt has been there at least 30 years so it’s great to see it finally being turned into something useful.

Because I’m crap – I mean really crap – at drawing freehand, I simply found a Christmas stocking pic online, saved it, blew it up and printed it out over two A4 sheets. I then stuck these together and used them as my pattern for cutting the felt. I did the same thing for the Christmas tree outline and then simply sewed on a few old gold and silver buttons as decorations.

I’m going to give this to Lenny before he goes to bed tonight and tell him it will have some pressies for him inside when he wakes up in the morning – hopefully a little incentive to go to bed and not come wandering back out half a dozen times the way he likes to do now.

I’m going to fill it with bubbles, two lollipops (lollicups as he calls them), stickers, little gardening gloves and an Incredibles DVD. I picked up the DVD at Vinnies and it looks good so I’m hoping it works, otherwise it will be off to the shops on Boxing Day for a new one!

Other than that there will be a shiny new trike under the tree when he stumbles out tomorrow morning – oh and no doubt lots of other things from doting grandparents and aunts.

Oh and don’t get me wrong but…as excited as I am about our impending new arrival, I hope Lenny doesn’t get his new baby brother for Christmas!


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Baby bib

Baby bib

I’ve been making the most of my time off before bub arrives rummaging through my mother’s linen cupboard in search of recyclable materials. Her “vintage” tea towel collection offers the most promise and my first project was this little bib for baby made out of a cute cat tea towel. I used this pattern, the tea towel and a standard cloth nappy on the back and it only took a few hours. My next project is a Christmas stocking for Lenny…

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Santa’s little helper


Lenny dressed up as an elf for his kindy’s fancy dress Christmas party. I can’t wait to show him the pic of him wearing red tights when he’s 16!

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