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Introducing Elliot James

Three hours old and sleeping peacefully

Our second beautiful boy entered the world at 6am on January 6, weighing in at 3.720kg and measuring 50cm. He was 10 days late just like his big brother – I’m very pleased I won’t be having to apologise for a Christmas or new year birthday for the next 20 years!

So far he’s been very chilled indeed and already showing more tendency to sleep than big brother!! I guess I better stop with the comparisons but before I do I’ll let you decide yourself whether you think they look alike.

Big brother, little brother at home - one day old.

Lenny is very proud, announcing several times today that “Elliot is MY baby brother” but he’s also a little cautious, telling his cousins in no uncertain terms that I am HIS mummy.

Family portrait on first day at home.

Five minutes after birth - it's true about second time being easier!

p.s. I’m pleased to let all my pregnant friends know that this birth was much faster and much less traumatic than Lenny’s was but having said that I won’t be rushing to do it again anytime soon!


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Twirly skirt project

My latest project is complete – and no it’s not a baby. We’re still waiting for the little guy who is now 8 days “overdue”. My latest project is this cure twirly skirt for my four-year-old niece.

I completed it in two days and again using off-cuts that have been lying around in mum’s cupboard for so long that we’ve no idea what was originally made with the fabrics. I did have to buy the ribbon (at a huge cost of 65 cents) but I could have made a fabric tie if I wasn’t worried about running out of time!

Twirly skirt

Thanks to Erin @ House on Hill Road for the free twirly skirt how-to.

And as for my other project – I have a strong feeling that Lenny will have a little brother before the 5th of Jan is over…

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Lenny is loving the trike he got for Christmas. This year was a completely different scenario to last year when all he was interested in was the wrapping paper. This year he loved opening and giving presents.

Lenny riding his new trike

And new years was a hoot. He had an awesome time playing with his little friend C. They are really little boys now playing with each other rather than along side each other as in the past. They even climbed up and started dancing on the table. While it was clearly a bit dangerous, it looked like too much fun to forbid!

Dancing on the table

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