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Lenny’s made two big moves developmentally this weekend. Firstly, he stood all by himself – without holding anyone or anything – for about three seconds. It mightn’t seem like a long time but it’s an important start.

Secondly, he stacked three blocks on top of each other and actually made them balance. Sounds simple but it takes great coordination and control to put them just in the right place, delicately enough that the ones below don’t fall. Unfortunately I missed that move so I’m desperately waiting for him to repeat it.

Our days at the moment are still spent walking around, slightly hunched, as Lenny takes charge. I’ve started walking him up and down the hallways of our building and up on the roof. I’ve discovered it’s excellent for tiring him out.

So generally after breakfast we go for a big walk or kick his soccer ball up and down the hallways and then he has a big nap. His record is three hours last Friday. For a boy that used to go a whole day without a nap this is amazing! And the timing couldn’t be better as I’m juggling freelance work with trying to organise a move as well as entertain a very easily-bored bub.

Nights are still up and down. He often makes it through till about 4 or 5am but we still have rough nights like when he got his top two teeth through about two weeks ago. It looks like another two might be about to make there way so that makes me a bit nervous!

Oh and if you’ve noticed that my posts have slowed down, I apologise. There’s two reasons. Now that Lenny can move and pull himself to stand and open drawers and so on, I can’t really take me eyes off him or be more than an arm’s length away. Also, I’ve started sending Lenny messages direct to his gmail account. If you want to write to him let me know and I’ll give you his email address 🙂


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Ten months

Lenny’s now 10 months old and I think we might be leaving baby behind and entering the toddler phase. While he doesn’t crawl he’s started pulling himself up on furniture and cruising around. Nothing is out of reach anymore unless it’s three feet off the ground.

My messEmptying everything off the bookshelf and out of the coffee table drawer has become his latest obsession. He discovered how to open the drawer a couple of weeks ago. At first he just opened and closed it, opened and closed it. Then he progressed to pulling things out one by one. Now he takes everything out and then puts some things back. It’s hours of fun but very hazardous for little fingers.

He also started re-locating things. It used to be there were only so many places we needed to look for the remote. Now we need to check the drawer, the shelf and Lenny’s first blocks box. I even found my mobile in the tissue box which was just a stroke of luck really.

Lenny’s determined to walk. In fact I think he might skip crawling alltogether. If he does crawl it will probably be a week before he walks. While cruising on furniture is ok he much prefers to be walking around in the open and grabs our hands and pulls up at every opportunity. It’s pretty hard on the lower back so a couple of days ago I made a desperate trip to the baby store to buy a walker.

Unfortunately walkers these days have huge bases and our place is pretty small so he only has to take a few steps before he collides with some piece of furniture. But I figure it’s the buffet or my back which gets wrecked at this point so who cares.

In fact I’m sure a lot of stuff is going to end up worse for wear but I’m not too worried about stuff these days.

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