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11 weeks old

Time is flying, I can’t believe it’s already 11 weeks since Lenny was born. He’s changing so much every day now. He’s a lot more settled and has started having regular daytime naps. We’ve even had a couple of two-three hour sleeps together in the afternoon. That extra sleep makes such a difference to both of us. And then on Friday he skipped two feeds in a row – not feeding after the 5.30 pm feed till 2.30 am. Now we just need to move that forward a bit. No I’m not complaining I’m sure that day will come.

CousinsWe visited his cousins up north on the weekend. They’re 6, almost 2 and 6 weeks old. The two-year-old just ran between the two babies saying “oh bubba” over and over. Very sweet.

It was really great to see how my brother and sister-in-law are with their new baby. They’re definitely way more relaxed than I remember them being with number one. They don’t drop everything and run whenever the baby makes a sound. But they couldn’t anyway when there’s two other children demanding attention.

I can see how our next baby will never get 100 per cent of our attention like Lenny does. Yes, I’m already thinking about number two!


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