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Well Elliot is definitely going to be accusing me of favouring son number one the way I’m going with updates on his progress.

It’s not that I don’t have time. In fact I probably have more free time this time. Simply because when Elliot is happy, quiet or asleep I let him be and get on with doing my own thing rather than thinking about what happens when he does wake or fuss. And this time round my own thing means sewing or reading or getting out rather than sitting down and posting. I really should try harder – that’s the problem when you set a bar for something…

So here goes – the last two months in a paragraph or two.

Elliot has settled down a lot in the last few weeks. He’s now sleeping quite well (during the day) and going off without too much drama which is a change from the 45 minutes of crying that used to precede sleep. He’s smiling and laughing that silent, gummy, wide-mouth grin that babies do as well as making lots of extremely cute “ooh” and “ahh” sounds.

He loves watching his big brother although he has learnt to get a bit tense when he approaches with that look in his eye. Lucky for him he’s a much bigger build than Lenny so he’ll be able to stand up for himself if things get a bit rough. Despite the occassional bop on the head with a bit of lego we’re mostly seeing lots of brotherly love and scenes like these.


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