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I’m generally pretty good with coping with tough situations like seeing a loved one in the ICU but the last two days have been quite hard. I don’t know if it’s the added dimension of being nearly 35 weeks pregnant and the hormones that go with that or if it’s that fact that this time it’s my mum. The one who normally holds it together for everyone else. The one who does the looking after not gets looked after. The strongest woman I know unable to speak or breath unassisted.

Thankfully her breathing finally improved enough for them to remove the tube tonight and while it’s obviously quite difficult to get the sound out the few words she spoke made me feel so much better.

And what did she speak about? Making sure my brother takes the long drive back up to the Hunter carefully and that his wife knows when to expect him, that my sister has a good flight and that I go home and get some rest. A mother’s love never ends.

And while I’m so happy to know she is on the road to recovery I can’t help express my relief with more tears.


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The surgeon just called and the op is over. He said all went well and he performed 5 bypasses – what’s that, a quintet or something?

Mum’s been taken into the ICU and while she’ll likely to be asleep for 6-8 hours I’m going to head over there now…

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Mum went into hospital yesterday and is having her bypass surgery now. I called at 7am but they said she’d already been taken down to theatre so I just have to sit and wait now till I get the phonecall. The surgeon said he’d call himself after the operation was over.

My sister flew in from Queensland yesterday and we spend a few hours with mum at the hospital last night. Not wanting anyone to worry, mum puts on a pretty calm facade. I guess it’s what being a mother is about and I’ll soon find out.

My brother arrives tonight and we’re all staying at mum’s house for the next few days so before she left for hospital she layed out fresh towels on all the beds, left notes about what food was where in the fridge and freezer and even left a beautiful little outfit for the baby hanging in her room where she knows I’m sleeping.

I guess being a mother doesn’t have a duration. You don’t switch off when they’re old enough to find their own way. They’re always going to come first. And looking after yourself will always be bound up in wanting to be the best you can for them for as long as you have…

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