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Bite me

So, would it be wrong of me to ask the identity of the biter?

Not sure if I really call this an ‘accident’ … sounds more like an ‘incident’ to me. Anyway, it looks like he got pretty good treatment – more than he’s received for various home accidents like falls from high places and face-plants on the cement.

I find it amusing that they have to go to so much trouble over a few little teeth marks. It would take a bit more than that to scare Lenny. In fact, I’ve never seen another child make him cry. Although I have noticed him having that effect on other littlies a few times recently. He’s not mean at all, just very keen to socialise in a physical way.

I wonder how long it will be before some other kid is taking an accident report home because of Lenny?


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No more tears

We’ve had a breakthrough. There were no tears at the daycare drop off or pick up yesterday!

It seems like it’s taken weeks but in reality it was only his 8th day considering the few weeks he had off sick. So that’s pretty quick really. It certainly makes leaving him much easier. Although if I had a choice…

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It’s been a big week for all of us but especially for little Lenny. In one week his whole world has changed. Not only have we moved out of our apartment – the only home he’s ever had – and into mum’s house. He also started daycare for the first time. 

Day one went pretty well. No tears when I left him there (from Lenny anyway) and no signs of stress when we got home. In fact he was happy as anything, even more giggly than normal. 

Day two was a little different. He got a bit upset when I left but had already turned to play with his new toys before I was out of sight. He wouldn’t eat the hot lunch they served but he wasn’t too sad to refuse the yoghurt and biscuit Emma (his carer) got him instead. He’s showing some attachment to her already and wanted her to stay close by all day. I think that’s a good sign. 

It was a strange day for me. I don’t increase my days at work until next week so on day two I was home alone. Lucky we’ve still a million things to unpack, repack and sort out because I had to keep busy to ease my guilt of being at home while Lenny was at daycare.

So the routines are set to change again when I’m back at work three days next week and when Nath starts doing uni in the evenings in a fortnight. Despite all the changes though I know Lenny will do well. He loves being here with nana, Mitzi the cat and the big garden to explore. He’s getting his fingers in the dirt for the first time and loving it. He’s not an inner city baby anymore…

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