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When I last went to see the midwife for a check up a couple of weeks ago word was that the little man was 4/5 engaged. In other words he was head down ready to slide down the birth canal like a slippery dip. I thought he was going to come early for sure. And I wanted him to.

But when my mum had a heart attack just a few days later I freaked out at the thought of him arriving early. There was too much going on. Luckily mum was together enough to call an ambulance and get to the hospital fast enough for the damage to be minimised. But the longer-term prognosis was more serious. The were more blockages and she’d be needing bypass surgery as soon as her body was ready.

Well if I was in any doubt about whether or not my state of mind could affect the little life growing inside me before that, I’m not now. Within days of mum’s heart attack I felt him back up and turn around. I pictured a fish in a bathtub that the plug’s just been taken out of … desperately trying to swim in the other direction. To avoid the inevitable.

It’s like he knew some shit was going down and he was better off where he was – for the time being anyway.

Mum’s surgery is due to happen this Friday (34 1/2 weeks in my world) which leaves just under six weeks till his expected arrival date. If he’s as in tune as I think he is though, I reckon he’ll add on a few days at the end and give us all a little bit more time to rest, recooperate and get things ready for him.


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