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Immunisations round II

I’m pleased to announce we survived (almost) unscathed from the second round of nasty needles. I took the advice of several more experienced mothers and administered a generous dose of baby panadol half an hour before the dreaded shots were due and it did the trick.

Of course there were tears but there was no fever to speak of and I quite liked it that Lenny wanted more cuddles and a few extra sleeps today.

I also learned another lesson and booked the appointment for a day when Nath was off work so he could hold baby while the doc did her thing. I didn’t want to be the only one associated with such pain!


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Poor baby

Lenny had his first lot of immunisations today and I don’t know who was more upset about it, me or him.

As usual the doc was running late and Lenny fell asleep in my arms while we waited to go in. He was very unhappy when he woke up to the doctor weighing and measuring him (now 4.6kg and 58cm). Next came the rotavirus oral drops which turned tears to screams but little did he know the worse was yet to come. I had to hold him still while he got injections in both legs and he was absolutley beside himself, kicking and screaming. It’s amazing how much strength can be in such a little body.

I stayed in the surgery a while and fed him to calm him down and he had a few smiles and giggles at the end which made me think everything was ok. I  should have realised when he slept for two hours when we got home that something was wrong. When he woke up he was really upset and wouldn’t feed. He just wanted to be held and everytime I moved my hand or sat down he would cry. I took his temperature and it was 38 degrees. I had bought the baby panadol in case something like this happened but I couldn’t get my hands free long enough to get it ready for him. I ended up calling Nath to come home from work – lucky he’s just round the corner and was back in 5 mins.

He quietened down about 15 minutes after we gave him the panadol and then had a really long feed. His temperature was down to 37.5 by the time he finished and he looked up at me with a big cheeky grin. After being strong for him all day seeing him smile again is what finally made me cry!

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