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Trip to Brisvegas

Our first plane trip with two kids went off without a hitch despite our scheduled flight being cancelled and the alternate one being delayed for nearly an hour. Both boys were perfectly behaved – Elliot slept and Lenny watched cartoons on the inflight entertainment system. You’re supposed to pay for but it seems someone forgot to turn it off or maybe they were just desperate to keep us quiet!

Elliots was pretty cool about taking his first flight at three weeks old.

We headed up to Brisbane to introduce the newest grandson to Grandma and Grandad and they wasted no time putting the eldest one to work as soon as we arrived.

Keen to earn his keep Lenny gets straight to it with his new gloves and rake that Grandma and Grandad presented him.

One of the many activities designed to stop Lenny chasing Grandma's poor old dog relentlessly.


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Lenny is loving the trike he got for Christmas. This year was a completely different scenario to last year when all he was interested in was the wrapping paper. This year he loved opening and giving presents.

Lenny riding his new trike

And new years was a hoot. He had an awesome time playing with his little friend C. They are really little boys now playing with each other rather than along side each other as in the past. They even climbed up and started dancing on the table. While it was clearly a bit dangerous, it looked like too much fun to forbid!

Dancing on the table

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Santa’s little helper


Lenny dressed up as an elf for his kindy’s fancy dress Christmas party. I can’t wait to show him the pic of him wearing red tights when he’s 16!

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Back for seconds

It’s been a while and I had pretty much considered this blog closed since passing my goal of blogging about my first year as a mum.

I extracted the particularly lyrical pieces of text, copied the pics and bound it up in ready-to-print form as a keepsake for Lenny when he’s old enough to appreciate it.

But things change and now that number two is on his way I know I have got to at least match my last effort if my second born is not to forever accuse me of favouring numero uno.

So without further ado, I declare this blog reborn with new vigour and enthusiasm – and, of course, an updated pic of the first born!

OUr little gardener

Lenny gardening with a broken collar bone - a man's work is never done.

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Bite me

So, would it be wrong of me to ask the identity of the biter?

Not sure if I really call this an ‘accident’ … sounds more like an ‘incident’ to me. Anyway, it looks like he got pretty good treatment – more than he’s received for various home accidents like falls from high places and face-plants on the cement.

I find it amusing that they have to go to so much trouble over a few little teeth marks. It would take a bit more than that to scare Lenny. In fact, I’ve never seen another child make him cry. Although I have noticed him having that effect on other littlies a few times recently. He’s not mean at all, just very keen to socialise in a physical way.

I wonder how long it will be before some other kid is taking an accident report home because of Lenny?

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Art or grafitti?

"It's good, yes?"

"I thought Nana's walls could do with a lick of colour."

And the moral is … do not relax when everything is quiet.

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For grandma and grandad

Dear grandma and grandad,

As you can see, I’m not a little baby anymore. I’m a big boy now. I like to help out by watering the plants. It’s good because sometimes mum doesn’t remember to give me a drink and I can just get one straight from the hose. I talk a lot now. I don’t think these guys here know what I’m saying but you can understand me, can’t you? Anyway, I’m very, very busy so I better go. Talk soon…

Lots of love,

Lenny xxoo

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