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First smiles

Elliot gave me a big gummy grin for the first time this morning on his four week birthday. It was a great way to start the day and luckily he repeated the performance for Dad and Nana in the afternoon so I could prove it was the real thing.

Of course it was impossible to capture it on camera so you’ll have to wait a little longer to see how cute it is.

Four weeks old today.

On the sleeping front, Elliot is turning into a real little Lenny clone. He had one long three hour sleep this morning but then didn’t go back to sleep – except for a couple of ten minute catnaps – until 9pm. With Nath heading back to work next week, I can sense some very long days coming up!


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Lenny’s made two big moves developmentally this weekend. Firstly, he stood all by himself – without holding anyone or anything – for about three seconds. It mightn’t seem like a long time but it’s an important start.

Secondly, he stacked three blocks on top of each other and actually made them balance. Sounds simple but it takes great coordination and control to put them just in the right place, delicately enough that the ones below don’t fall. Unfortunately I missed that move so I’m desperately waiting for him to repeat it.

Our days at the moment are still spent walking around, slightly hunched, as Lenny takes charge. I’ve started walking him up and down the hallways of our building and up on the roof. I’ve discovered it’s excellent for tiring him out.

So generally after breakfast we go for a big walk or kick his soccer ball up and down the hallways and then he has a big nap. His record is three hours last Friday. For a boy that used to go a whole day without a nap this is amazing! And the timing couldn’t be better as I’m juggling freelance work with trying to organise a move as well as entertain a very easily-bored bub.

Nights are still up and down. He often makes it through till about 4 or 5am but we still have rough nights like when he got his top two teeth through about two weeks ago. It looks like another two might be about to make there way so that makes me a bit nervous!

Oh and if you’ve noticed that my posts have slowed down, I apologise. There’s two reasons. Now that Lenny can move and pull himself to stand and open drawers and so on, I can’t really take me eyes off him or be more than an arm’s length away. Also, I’ve started sending Lenny messages direct to his gmail account. If you want to write to him let me know and I’ll give you his email address 🙂

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Once bitten

Well I think I jinxed us with last post because it was followed by two of the worst night’s sleeps we’ve had.

The first night Lenny was up every couple of hours all night long. So the next night we decided Nath would do whatever it took to get Lenny back to sleep without a breastfeed if he woke any time before 4am.

He first woke at 1.45 and it took 45 minutes of fairly intense crying before he fell back to sleep. But he woke up 20 minutes later and then every 10 minutes until I finally caved and gave him a feed at 3.45.

Then yesterday he grabbed my finger and put it in his mouth, which is not unusual, but this time I felt something sharp. Lenny’s getting his first teeth!

At first I felt excited about the next big step in his little life, then I felt a pang of sadness about my little gummy baby growing up. But then there was a sense of relief – finally I can blame the crap sleeping on teething!

For the last two months we’ve been up at least twice a night and I was always checking for teeth to blame it on. They were never there.

But despite the rough night’s I’ve always gone to bed each night believing that this night would be the one when he sleeps better – it’s the only way I’m able to relax enough to go to sleep myself.

Anyway, having had the two bad nights and discovering the teeth breaking through I went to bed last night expecting the worst. I had the bonjela on hand and was prepared to be up and down all night.

But little Lenny is always full of surprises and after crashing just after 8pm he slept all the way through till twenty to five. That’s the longest sleep he’s had in three months. Unfortunately, having psyched myself up for a long night I didn’t get much sleep anyway.

Tonight he’s been in bed since 7.30 and I’m believing he’s down till at least 5am. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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Seven month update

A lot has happened since my last entry but it’s been hard to find the time to write. Lenny’s decided that 10pm is early for bed and frequently tries for 11pm – I think he might have heard about the Scientology kids.

Out of nowhere he suddenly became a total mummy’s boy. He won’t go to sleep for anyone else and he pretty much just wants my attention all the time. Whatever I’ve got, he wants. Whatever I’m eating, he wants. Today I thought ahead and brought two spoons – one little, one big – for my blueberries and yoghurt. Even though he had just had his mid-morning fruit he polished off about half of mine.

He is an absolute machine when it comes to food. I had strong ideas about what I would and wouldn’t let my child eat before Lenny was born. Let’s just say it didn’t include nana’s birthday cake at seven months old. Being a good parent is so much easier when you don’t actually have children. 

Anyway about Lenny’s progress. He is much more of a little boy than a baby now. He can sit up by himself for about five or 10 minutes and when he’s tired he falls down in slow motion. He says “da da da” in varying tones and volumes. He’s spending a bit more time on his tummy but never too long. He’s just realised that he can continue to roll in one direction to get places and he ended up under the table today.

Night time sleeping seems to have taken a backwards step (for me anyway). He’s been waking every few hours again and will only be settled by me. I still dream of sleeping through the night – daydream that is. I’m not asleep long enough for those kind of dreams 🙂

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11 weeks old

Time is flying, I can’t believe it’s already 11 weeks since Lenny was born. He’s changing so much every day now. He’s a lot more settled and has started having regular daytime naps. We’ve even had a couple of two-three hour sleeps together in the afternoon. That extra sleep makes such a difference to both of us. And then on Friday he skipped two feeds in a row – not feeding after the 5.30 pm feed till 2.30 am. Now we just need to move that forward a bit. No I’m not complaining I’m sure that day will come.

CousinsWe visited his cousins up north on the weekend. They’re 6, almost 2 and 6 weeks old. The two-year-old just ran between the two babies saying “oh bubba” over and over. Very sweet.

It was really great to see how my brother and sister-in-law are with their new baby. They’re definitely way more relaxed than I remember them being with number one. They don’t drop everything and run whenever the baby makes a sound. But they couldn’t anyway when there’s two other children demanding attention.

I can see how our next baby will never get 100 per cent of our attention like Lenny does. Yes, I’m already thinking about number two!

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Lenny takes a trip

sleeping soundly at 30000 feetLenny hasn’t been much of a daytime sleeper since he was about two weeks old. He usually goes back to sleep easily after his night time feeds – which I’m thankful for – but we’re lucky if he has a couple of 20 minute catnaps between 6am and 6pm. But it seems we’ve discovered the secret of getting him to have a decent sleep in the daylight hours: flying. Unfortunately it’s a pretty expensive option. You’d think if it was movement he was after, a stroll in the pram or a drive in the car would work. It doesn’t. His eyes get heavy and close for a few seconds but he fights it and opens them back up even wider than before.

We took a trip to Queensland last week to visit aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandma and cousins. The flights not only put him to sleep but kept him asleep. On the way home from Brisbane he slept as we got off the plane, waited for the luggage, put him back in the pram, caught the train to Central and walked home. He then awoke right as we walked in the front door ready for a nap ourselves.

Of course it’s nice for Lenny to be alert while he’s visiting the relos for the first time and when there’s that many pairs of hands around it’s no problem that he’s awake all day. But now we’re home and Nath’s back at work and I’m alone with a baby who doesn’t sleep from dawn till dusk. So much for all the advice about sleeping when the baby sleeps!

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