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First smiles

Elliot gave me a big gummy grin for the first time this morning on his four week birthday. It was a great way to start the day and luckily he repeated the performance for Dad and Nana in the afternoon so I could prove it was the real thing.

Of course it was impossible to capture it on camera so you’ll have to wait a little longer to see how cute it is.

Four weeks old today.

On the sleeping front, Elliot is turning into a real little Lenny clone. He had one long three hour sleep this morning but then didn’t go back to sleep – except for a couple of ten minute catnaps – until 9pm. With Nath heading back to work next week, I can sense some very long days coming up!


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Early morning smiles

happy baby One thing the early childhood nurses tell you about establishing good night time sleeping patterns is to avoid eye contact during the overnight feeds. Feed and change him then put him straight back to bed without talking to him the instructions go. They even tell you to cover his eyes if you need to rock him back to sleep so he can’t see you and think “play time!”.

Well this is impossible to carry out when Lenny greets me at 3am with a big cheesy grin. As much as I want my sleep these smiles are just too damn cute to ignore! And as much as we all crave routine I’m starting to think we’ve got too many rules about raising babies in our society. More about that later …

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