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Here we are faced by our first big question of parenthood … should we get a three-wheeler or four-wheeler stroller?

We went to a three-year-old birthday party in Centennial Park yesterday and I tell you it’s better for a bit of stroller spotting than a visit to Babyco.

It’s just a guess but I’d say the split was about 50/50. It was hard to tell if the three-wheeler babies were more comfortable with their inflatable tyres than the four-wheeler ones were with their plastic wheels. The parents too weren’t showing any obvious signs of satisfaction or otherwise with their stroller pushing experience.

Of the two people I spoke to with three-wheelers (party attendees not complete strangers) one said while it’s great to push it’s heavy to fold and bigger than a traditional stroller. The other said that after going through two four-wheelers she couldn’t be happier with her new three-wheeler.

I wasn’t sure how appropriate it was to go round the park asking parents if I could have a little push of their precious little package or if they could take them out so I could test the folding action so I guess a trip to Babyco is on the cards after all.

This is what I think I need to look for. If you’ve other ideas, please help!

  • Five point safety harness
  • Meets the safety standard
  • Lays back so it can be used from new-born
  • Light (10kg or less) and compact
  • Easy to fold and unfold (preferably with one hand)
  • Brakes that can be put on without bending over
  • An easily accessible shopping basket
  • Reversible handle for when they’re little (this one I could do without)

Not that the stroller or pram you or I were pushed in 30 years ago would have had any of these things…


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