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Trip to Brisvegas

Our first plane trip with two kids went off without a hitch despite our scheduled flight being cancelled and the alternate one being delayed for nearly an hour. Both boys were perfectly behaved – Elliot slept and Lenny watched cartoons on the inflight entertainment system. You’re supposed to pay for but it seems someone forgot to turn it off or maybe they were just desperate to keep us quiet!

Elliots was pretty cool about taking his first flight at three weeks old.

We headed up to Brisbane to introduce the newest grandson to Grandma and Grandad and they wasted no time putting the eldest one to work as soon as we arrived.

Keen to earn his keep Lenny gets straight to it with his new gloves and rake that Grandma and Grandad presented him.

One of the many activities designed to stop Lenny chasing Grandma's poor old dog relentlessly.


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Lenny takes a trip

sleeping soundly at 30000 feetLenny hasn’t been much of a daytime sleeper since he was about two weeks old. He usually goes back to sleep easily after his night time feeds – which I’m thankful for – but we’re lucky if he has a couple of 20 minute catnaps between 6am and 6pm. But it seems we’ve discovered the secret of getting him to have a decent sleep in the daylight hours: flying. Unfortunately it’s a pretty expensive option. You’d think if it was movement he was after, a stroll in the pram or a drive in the car would work. It doesn’t. His eyes get heavy and close for a few seconds but he fights it and opens them back up even wider than before.

We took a trip to Queensland last week to visit aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandma and cousins. The flights not only put him to sleep but kept him asleep. On the way home from Brisbane he slept as we got off the plane, waited for the luggage, put him back in the pram, caught the train to Central and walked home. He then awoke right as we walked in the front door ready for a nap ourselves.

Of course it’s nice for Lenny to be alert while he’s visiting the relos for the first time and when there’s that many pairs of hands around it’s no problem that he’s awake all day. But now we’re home and Nath’s back at work and I’m alone with a baby who doesn’t sleep from dawn till dusk. So much for all the advice about sleeping when the baby sleeps!

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