Christmas and new year

Lenny is loving the trike he got for Christmas. This year was a completely different scenario to last year when all he was interested in was the wrapping paper. This year he loved opening and giving presents.

Lenny riding his new trike

And new years was a hoot. He had an awesome time playing with his little friend C. They are really little boys now playing with each other rather than along side each other as in the past. They even climbed up and started dancing on the table. While it was clearly a bit dangerous, it looked like too much fun to forbid!

Dancing on the table


Christmas stocking

Home-made Christmas stocking Lenny’s stocking is ready just in time! This is made totally from old fabric, binding and buttons found lying dormant in mum’s cupboards. I know the felt has been there at least 30 years so it’s great to see it finally being turned into something useful.

Because I’m crap – I mean really crap – at drawing freehand, I simply found a Christmas stocking pic online, saved it, blew it up and printed it out over two A4 sheets. I then stuck these together and used them as my pattern for cutting the felt. I did the same thing for the Christmas tree outline and then simply sewed on a few old gold and silver buttons as decorations.

I’m going to give this to Lenny before he goes to bed tonight and tell him it will have some pressies for him inside when he wakes up in the morning – hopefully a little incentive to go to bed and not come wandering back out half a dozen times the way he likes to do now.

I’m going to fill it with bubbles, two lollipops (lollicups as he calls them), stickers, little gardening gloves and an Incredibles DVD. I picked up the DVD at Vinnies and it looks good so I’m hoping it works, otherwise it will be off to the shops on Boxing Day for a new one!

Other than that there will be a shiny new trike under the tree when he stumbles out tomorrow morning – oh and no doubt lots of other things from doting grandparents and aunts.

Oh and don’t get me wrong but…as excited as I am about our impending new arrival, I hope Lenny doesn’t get his new baby brother for Christmas!

Baby bib

Baby bib

I’ve been making the most of my time off before bub arrives rummaging through my mother’s linen cupboard in search of recyclable materials. Her “vintage” tea towel collection offers the most promise and my first project was this little bib for baby made out of a cute cat tea towel. I used this pattern, the tea towel and a standard cloth nappy on the back and it only took a few hours. My next project is a Christmas stocking for Lenny…

Santa’s little helper


Lenny dressed up as an elf for his kindy’s fancy dress Christmas party. I can’t wait to show him the pic of him wearing red tights when he’s 16!

Saying goodbye

It’s taken me a few days to be able write about saying goodbye to a friend taken too early in the most tragic of circumstances. Chloe and I hadn’t been in touch for a few years but she called me out of the blue just after the birth of her third baby four months ago.

The last time we had spoken was more than four years prior to that. She was almost ready to give birth for the first time. I was in a different place, married but not planning a family anytime soon. Often the children/no-children divide comes between people.

When Chloe called me back in July this year, things had changed. I too was a mother and pregnant for the second time. After several years two former colleagues, two out-of-touch friends instantly reconnected over our shared experience of being a mother.

I was struck by how happy she was, how much she loved being a mother and wife and how amazing she sounded for someone who had given birth only a week prior. We talked for a long while about our children, our feelings, our hopes and our plans.

Unfortunately, our plan to meet for a picnic with our children was never to be. Instead I saw her children and husband for the first time at her funeral.

Death is never easy to deal with – especially when the victim is young and especially when their life was taken deliberately by the hand of another. But beyond the tragic circumstances Chloe’s death struck me in a way I had never experienced before. I felt it deeply as a mother.

I ache for her children, the youngest of whom will have no memory of her. So many things lay ahead which a child should be able to share with his or her mother and a mother with her child. First steps, first words and first days of school. Graduation, moving out, finding love, losing love, having a family of your own.

I grieve for her husband who will raise three beautiful children alone, knowing everyday how much their mother wanted to be there.

When my almost two-and-half-year-old walks around the house calling for me because I have been out of sight for five minutes I wonder how long her four-year-old, two-and-a-half-year-old and four-month-old will continue to call and seek her out.

I don’t know the answers or have any words to explain how a family moves on from such a place.

The only way I can see to respond to this personally is to make sure I treasure what I have and enjoy the ups and downs, the laughter and the tantrums that go with raising children.

May you rest in peace, Chloe.

Back for seconds

It’s been a while and I had pretty much considered this blog closed since passing my goal of blogging about my first year as a mum.

I extracted the particularly lyrical pieces of text, copied the pics and bound it up in ready-to-print form as a keepsake for Lenny when he’s old enough to appreciate it.

But things change and now that number two is on his way I know I have got to at least match my last effort if my second born is not to forever accuse me of favouring numero uno.

So without further ado, I declare this blog reborn with new vigour and enthusiasm – and, of course, an updated pic of the first born!

OUr little gardener

Lenny gardening with a broken collar bone - a man's work is never done.

Christmas in Brisvegas

Lenny’s in bed early – well 8.30 is early for him – after a huge Christmas day at Grandma and Grandad’s.

He was showered with gifts – so many he’ll need his own suitcase to get them home!

Opening pressies

It was a very hot, humid Brisbane day so Lenny had fun cooling down in his splash pool.

And of course, he was forced to wear cute Santa hats to amuse the adults.

Merry Christmas everyone!