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Yes, it’s true. I locked my baby in the car with the keys and the mobile and I have no spare set!

We bought the car second-hand with only one set but that was nearly three years ago and we’ve been playing with fire ever since. Today we got burned. Well Elliot did anyway.

You can imagine the expletives that come spewing from my mouth when I realised my mistake. And I’m sure you can picture the two-year-old following me screaming “Jesus, sh*t, *****” as the neighbours looked on curiously.

Thank goodness it happened at home and someone was able to let me in to call the NRMA. The woman on the other end was fabulous, telling me to stay calm and assuring me it would be treated as an emergency.

A very long 10 minutes later a most wonderful NRMA RoadSide Assist guy turned up and had the car open in minutes. He very generously told me this sort of thing happens a lot but I have a sneaky suspision he was just being nice.

For the rest of the day Lenny told people that “mummy left Elliot in the car” and “the man had to come and save my brother”.

Of course the first person he got to tell was the locksmith who came to cut me a spare key!

All I can say is I’m glad it wasn’t mid-summer. Oh and I will never look at down at people who lock their babies in the car ever again!


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